The Past

The history of this company starts in the 90s when NGF Construct was born, which is the Nina brothers’ construction and finishing company.

From the start, our goal has been to provide the highest quality work , being aware that a company policy focused on reliability, quality and care will be one that will ensure a future, and as the years passed, that proved to be true.

NGF has become a symbol of quality in construction and in a short amount of time the company’s dynamic – and later companies – has proved to be very good. Depending on market dynamics and investments in Romania, NGF Construct has become a major player in this field, with an exceptional material base and a large qualified staff. The real estate and economic crisis of recent years has required us to reorganised and change direction in such a way that we achieve better coverage of services, optimised on the new needs of the market. The on-site experience, large and small works that we made with varying degrees of difficulty, have educated and made us grow over time and because of that, nowadays we are able to manage projects of any scale. NGF Product was born from the need for each of us to follow his own way, while still remaining focused on those aspects of our work that fulfil and bring us joy.