About us

NGF Product is a company working in the construction and finishes field with over 20 years of experience and a tradition.

With a rich portfolio , and a large variety of solved issues, ranging from residential homes to industrial buildings and large shopping centres, NGF Product is now able to tackle any type of project at any level of execution requirements.

Our team specialises in high quality finishes , adjusted to the aesthetics required by each project, and “special details”. The restoration of historical buildings that we have made to this date recommends us as a serious and responsible partner in regard to projects that have a high degree of difficulty.

The architects with whom we have worked over time, such as Serban Sturdza , Radu Mihailescu, Geta Trimbitas, George Ciuhandu , Oswald Maier, Herman Blum, Andreescu and Gaivoronschi have all taught us rigour, professionalism and teamwork.

We make sure that the ratio between quality and price is fair, and that we meet our deadlines and we have always made a commitment to introduce new technologies in our workflow.

Our team can provide technical solutions that are adapted to every project, meeting all quality standards.

Our concern for quality and professionalism , meeting deadlines and respecting the commitments that we make as well as respecting the correctness in the ratio between quality and price are the main components that NGF Product was built upon.